Tipi Competition and Orange Shirt Day

The Grade 4/5 class learned all about Orange Shirt Day and observed the Tipi Raising Competition at the University of Regina on September 30, 2016.

The students had their face painted, have their English and Cree name symbols written on their own rock, watched the tipis go up, played ball games, and explored the university campus!

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Schools all over Regina recognized Orange Shirt Day to support survivors of Residential Schools.

Such an important and hopefully healing day to be a part of!



Welcome to our Grade 4/5 Class 2016!

Welcome back Grade 4/5 students to Dr. Hanna School!! We hope you have a Fabulous and Fantastic Year!

I have included our Welcome Back Package and a few updated pictures of our classroom! Attention Parents and Students!! Stay tuned for Class Dojo information. It will be sent home next week!


 Welcome Back Package (1)

Here are a few pictures of the classroom before the students arrived! Remember to login to Class Dojo!


Nicolle Flats

The Fabulous Grade 4’s had a great time on our trip to Nicolle Flats!

First, we started off with a Bus Study and took a group photo before heading out for the day!


Next, we climbed a huge hill and enjoyed a beautiful view of the valley!!




Later, we sat down to draw a landscape picture of Mr. Nicolle’s homestead!


By this time we were hungry so we sat by Mr. Nicolle’s stone house to eat our lunch. After that, we had 3 legged and potato sack races!


Finally, it was time to go. We had a fun day but were very thirsty and hot after spending 4 hours in 31 degrees!

Measurement of Time

The Grade 4 students have been busy working on measurement of time. We started off learning how to write the calendar date in words and numbers as well as in metric notation. Here is a short video to explain this.

Next, we learned how to tell the time to the hour and quarter hour on an analog clock.

After that, we focused on telling time to the 5 minute and 1 minute mark.

Finally, we learned how to figure out elapsed time and the 24 hour clock!

Here is a video to help with the 24 hour clock.


Main Idea Fun!

As a teacher, I find that many students really struggle with finding the main idea and its supporting details. This past week, Mrs. Jones and I looked for a new approach to teaching main idea. With the help of Pinterest and Youtube, we found a few ideas to help our students understand what to do.

We started the week off with main idea bags; an idea found on pinterest.

Follow this link, to find details of the lesson we used.



We also followed a couple of anchor charts to provide students with a VISUAL to refer to when needed.


Found on missklohnsclassroom.blogspot.com

Next, I found a couple of videos to further make sense of and grasp this difficult concept. I really liked this video because it provides the students time to answer the questions posed during the video.


Check out this main idea song! Lyrics for our school would be,

“It’s a party in the R-A-D!”

I hope this information has been helpful!!

Always happy to hear from other teachers with ideas that work well in their classroom!